Breaking Bigg Boss 8 With Salman Khan: Karishma Tanna Nominates Two For Captaincy


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The Bigg Boss 8 house has seen a lot of fun and excitement yesterday (Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: Check Out The Special Guests In the House), and it also showed Dimpy Mahajan‘s as another person- a soft, bubbly and playful Dimpy (Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: OMG! Dimpy Spits In Husband Rahul Mahajan’s Juice?).

We also earlier revealed that Team Puneet Issar wins the party task (Bigg Boss 8 With Salman Khan: Punnet Vs Pritam Team And The Winner Is) as they were the team with maximum celebrity guests and better arrangements.

Captain Karishma Tanna also is now up with her captaincy, as she first let the whole Bigg Boss 8 housemates out of discipline and thus was later even almost removed from her captaincy by giving Dimpy an opportunity to replace Karishma as a captain. But Dimpy being her own self, she did not complete the task because it led into an unfair manner.

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But now the judgement day is here, and Karishma Tanna has to nominate those she finds fit for the next captaincy. She played it safe by nominating the first ever wild card entry as well as the first ever captain of the Bigg Boss 8 house-Ali Quili Mirza, who ruled over Bigg Boss 8 inmates absolutely amazing for 2 whole weeks.

She also nominated her friend and one of the best captains of Bigg Boss 8 Diandra Soares, inspite of all the tiffs and rough patches they have have had in the Bigg Boss 8 house recently. Also, inspite of the fact that Diandra has gone way too close to Karishma‘s enemy Gautam Gulati.

But now that Gautam- Diandra got a taste of what the world outside Bigg Boss 8 thinks about their relationship, through the guests they invited and spoke to as a part of the luxury budget task, they might get distant from each other.

Well, for that you will have to keep watching Bigg Boss 8 and stay tuned to

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