Salman Khan’s Reaction On Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar’s Hidden Marriage Is Shocking


After winning the title of the reality show Bigg Boss 10, Manveer Gurjar got surrounded by a hell lot of controversies. The common man who hails from Noida was claimed as being married. Not only this the reports claim that the Gurjar boy even has a three-year-old daughter named ‘Vibisha’.

Now, the host of the reality shows Salman Khan has reacted on the whole controversy and his reaction will surely surprise you. According to a report, “Salman was pretty unfazed when he was informed about Manveer’s wedding news. He was neither surprised nor shocked, instead, it seemed as if he already knew about it or probably just didn’t wanna pay any heed to it.”

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Well, all of this began when some videos and pictures of Manveer dressed as a groom went viral on the internet. Everyone started questioning his married status as the videos and pictures claimed that Manveer was married. His mother, however, opened up on the matter and rubbished all such rumors and said, “My son is not yet married. The media reports are fake. Will you believe any random news? He will he marry with great fanfare.

Talking about Salman’s reaction on the matter we feel that something is definitely fishy.

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