Sanaya Irani And Mohit Sehgal Give Us Strong Relationship Goals


Sanaya-IRani-Mohit-Sehgal[tps_footer]Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal are definitely the most adorable couple in town. Sanaya and Mohit have tied the knot in January this year and are currently enjoying their married life. They give us major relationship goals and here is what Sanaya has to say on love marriage: Sanaya says, Their shooting sometimes keeps them away for a long time and they strongly believe that ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ . She also said, sometimes when they don’t spend time together, Mohit gives her surprises like flowers, breakfast in bed, date nights and the like. She also said that when she had first visited Mohit‘s home she was surprised to find it  spotless and well-maintained. She was both amazed and impressed! She said that it was evident that he was someone who was very meticulous and, she appreciated this trait. Further, she added, She loves  that  she always have a date! No matter what the occasion – a friend’s wedding or a new movie that’s released, he’s her favourite +1.


Whereas, Mohit said, It’s a great feeling to come home to someone! He  has lived on his own for a long time before he married Sanaya – and he said, he looks forward to being greeted by her happy, smiling face at the door. Sometimes, he think’s that Sanaya’s favourite hobby is feeding him. She has been experimenting in the kitchen, trying new recipes. She’s a good cook, so dinner is always a treat for him. Mohit added, like a dutiful wife, she always calls him when he is away on the shoot to ask him  how is he doing and when will he get home. He absolutely adores that.


These too are really cute and we hope that they are in love always![/tps_footer]