SHOCKING TRUTH: The Real ‘Gutthi’ Of Comedy Nights With Kapil



There is much going on post Sunil Grover, aka Gutthi decided to walk out of Comedy Nights with Kapil. Was Sunil’s exit only about money issues or contractual issues?

According to a very close source, here is the brutal and complete truth:

Contrary to reports, Gutthi was a character that originated from the writer of Comedy Nights with Kapil, Raaj Shaandilyaa. This is the man who happens to have set the tone of the show as well. Sunil Grover worked really hard on what Raaj gave him, and that’s how the now iconic character Gutthi was born. Every guest celebrity looked forward to interact with the cute, adorable Gutthi.

As the show progressed, the popularity of Gutthi increased, and it saw no limits. If you’ve noticed: in last few episodes with Sunil Grover as Gutthi, it was just Gutthi all the way. Kapil was toned down as an anchor of the show, when Gutthi took the stage. This did not go down well with Kapil’s team.

Kapil Sharma is dating Preeti Simoes, who happens to be the director of the show. Our source says, “Preeti kept poisoning Kapil’s mind, and everything else followed.”

The popularity of Gutthi was reaching skies, and at one time it all became such that if Kapil Sharma wouldn’t be in the episode, it was fine, but Gutthi had to be there. The source says, “Kapil’s gags were all forced, you can see that in the episodes when Sunil was there.”

Last week’s episode saw the mother-in-law of Bittoo’s dadi make a desperate attempt to engage the audience.

There were reports suggesting that Colors was not willing to pay Sunil Grover what he demanded, or as the source says, “Commanded!” The source adds, “A TV channel like Colors, who is known to nurture talent at any cost, how could they let go of a talent like Sunil Grover for a couple of lacs?”

The real issue was: Kapil Sharma and his team (read Preeti Simoes) put their foot down. Their message to the channel was clear: either Sunil or them. And thus, the channel had to let go of their powerhouse performer Sunil Grover, and their beloved Gutthi.

More news have erupted on this front: that Gaurav Gera, last seen as Mrs Pammi Pyarelal, would be the next Gutthi. There was also rumors saying Raju Srivastav, who is currently a contestant on Nach Baliye, will play Gutthi. Also, Navin Prabhakar, who shot to fame with his ‘Pehchan Kaun’ act, last seen in Phata Poster Nikhla Hero, has been approached to play Gutthi.

“Yes, it’s true. I’ve been approached to play Gutthi. But I am not sure if I will be able to take the offer, as I have many live shows and couple of movies lined up. I would love to play Gutthi. Also, if at all I take up the offer, I will bring my own comic elements to the character, and do it in my own style, rather than simply copying it,” Navin told us, when asked if he is taking up the offer.

In the coming week, the channel as well as Kapil Sharma are planning to try different actors, and whoever performs better and is loved by the audience will be retained. According to insiders, the reports of Gaurav Gera being finalized are not true.

Gaurav, as “temporary” Gutthi will debut this Sunday (December 1, 2013), during the promotion of Bullett Raja, along with Saif Ali Khan. If the response if good, then Gaurav will be retained, or else the search would continue.

“It’s really sad that Sunil will no longer play Gutthi, and all this happened because of inter personal trivial issues,” concludes our source.

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