Tv Star Ssharad Malhotra Has Found New Love?

Sshrad-Mlahotra[tps_footer]Our Television industry has proven it’s potential by giving a big break to many actors and theatre artists to fulfill their dreams of becoming a big star. Ssharad Malhotra, Divyanka Tripathi of Banoo Mai Teri Dulhann are also one of those stars who have a great potential as actors and were madly in love with each other once upon a time but now both of them have moved on in their lives. It was said that Ssharad has found love for Divyanka but he doesn’t want to settle down with her because he was linked up to another co-star Rachna Parulkar and now it’s reported that Ssharad Malhotra is dating model-actress Pooja Bisht.

On one hand Divyanka Tripathi is ready to tie the knot with her loving boyfriend and actor Vivek Dahiya. And, now it looks like Ssharad Malhotra is ready to go for a commitment, at least the romantic and loving posts available on his Instagram account are suggesting that he is happily in love with Pooja Bisht. Well, you never know which relationship will work and which one will end miserably so it’s good to leave all the negativity and failed relationships behind and move on in life with a lot of love in your heart and the passion to achieving endless success and happiness in both, personal and professional life.

We hope Divyanka Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya, Ssharad Malhotra and Pooja Bisht all find love and happiness in their lives soon.[/tps_footer]

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