Watch: Arshi Khan Tries To Pull Off Akash Dadlani’s Pants Inside Bigg Boss 11 House


Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan has reached a new low when she tried to take off Akash Dadlani’s pants!

Bigg Boss 11 has been entertaining the audience really well. Contestants like Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, Shilpe Shinde and Priyank Sharma are to name a few who have been keeping the house lively as well as full of entertainment. Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani are two more people inside the house who get a lot of footage due to the arguments and issues.
Arshi has always been the one woman inside the house who has been continuously flirting with men. Earlier, she was seen trying to get close to the actor Hiten Tejwani. Although the actor had warned her to not get too clingy with him, she is still seen flirting with him at times.  And now she has reached a new low.

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In one of the latest video from the house which is doing the rounds of media, Arshi is seen trying to pull off Akash’s pants, while the man is seen trying to get away from her. Check out the video here:

For those who do not know, Arshi came into limelight a few years ago, when she had claimed to have s*x with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. In the past few days she has been headlines due to a controversy inside the house. It happened when her co-contestants Priyank and Sapna brought up the topic of her Pune and Goa s*x scandals. In fact, her publicist outside the show has filed an FIR against Priyank, Sapna, the channel and the makers of the show.

Bigg Boss 11 is getting spicier day by day. It will be interesting to see what more lies for the audience in the upcoming episodes!