Kill The Rapist? Trailer: Heart-Breaking, Disturbing, Shocking Truth


The film Kill The Rapist? is Sanjay Chhel‘s attempt to deal with a sensitive issue with as much case and compassion as possible.

The film is about a woman (Anjali Patil), who tracks down a serial rapist (Sunny Hinduja). The rapist attempts to make her his latest target. The woman lives with her two female housemates (Sadiya Siddiqui and Isheta Sarckar). Kill The Rapist? is expected to hit the theatres on April 3, 2014.

The moment you watch the trailer, you will shaken and numb for a few minutes. It is disturbing, but it is the truth. The visuals are heart-breaking, but the real incidents are such that no words can describe them. The trailer of Kill The Rapist? leaves us in thoughts, trauma and shock, and even while we file this report, somewhere a woman in India is being brutally assaulted or raped, and there is nothing we are doing to prevent it.

Kill The Rapist? trailer also highlights the apathy of the authorities. The dialogue by a female police officer, “Cycle ki chori aur rape bahut common hai yahan par” (Cycle theft and rapes are common here), leaves us stunned and shocked. But isn’t that the truth?

As the trailer progresses, the hard hitting scenes and dialogues emerge, realizing us that the director has left no bones about what he wants to say through the film. While this road to justice is highly debatable, the makers have invited the viewers to decide the fate of the rapist in the film, and the name of the film itself is a question.

Kill The Rapist? is produced by Siddhartha M Jain and directed by Sanjay Chhel. Siddhartha says, “With great power, comes greater responsibility. Cinema is a very powerful tool. While we celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema, I thought nothing better than using cinema as a tool to not only bring awareness, but also to put pressure on the law and the public to take strong steps. Kill The Rapist? is a very sensitive, inspiring and motivating film for women. It is not based on the Delhi (Nirbhaya) incident, and is neither sensational and scandalous.”

Director Sanjay Chhel adds, “We are attacking a burning issue that’s emotionally tearing our nation, in a very sensitive and emotional, yet powerful way. I am using three girls to represent 3 different points of view in our society.”

Sanjay is known as a writer, for his lighthearted comedy flicks like Rangeela, Yes Boss, Partner, Dil To Bacha Hai Ji and others. But, according to him Kill The Rapist? is a culmination of his almost three decades in film writing and study of life and characters.

We sincerely hope that Kill The Rapist? not only makes us take a hard look at our society at large, but also does well at the Box Office. This is such a film, that deserves to make headlines for it’s Box Office collection, because it needs to be watched by everyone. India needs this shock, India needs to wake up.


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