TRAILER: One By Two – Boring, Very Boring!



One By Two, for starters the name itself is a put off, but never mind, let’s move ahead. The film stars Abhay Deol, and his real life girlfriend Preeti Desai, and is said to be a romantic comedy.

One By Two is a story of two people who are uptight and bored with their lives. The trailers explains this. Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) has a boring nine to five job, but wants to become a musician. On the other hand Samara Patel (Preeti Desai) is fed up with her life, as she feels that she will never become a good dancer. Wow, now that’s such an original plot!

The story of the movie revolves around the parallel lives of these two people, and how a series of coincidences bring them together is the crux of One By Two, and that is what the trailer gives away. Amazing, now this looks so very fresh and totally unseen before!


The look of the film is very modern and urban. The makers are desperately trying to make the audiences laugh. While the situations are very real, but yet far away from it. For example, in a modern city like Mumbai, where 3G and Wi-Fi connections are ordinary, and easily available, then why will somebody go and buy porn films, and get caught by their parents? This is so 1990s, or “American Pie” era property!

One By Two is written and directed by Devika Bhagat, is produced by Abhay Deol along with Viacom18 Motion Pictures.

This is Devika’s debut as a director. She has earlier written films like Manorama Six Feet Under, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Ladies VS Ricky Bahl, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and the very recent I, Me Aur Main.

After watching this trailer, the only one word that stays in the mind is “PAKAOED”, literal meaning of which is fed up or bored. And that’s how bad the trailer is! It’s boring, it’s monotonous, and it looks like that was a rush job. What’s the point of making such a trailer which can’t preserve or portray the life of the movie?

Bottomline: If the trailer of One By Two is so boring, how would we dare to take two and a half hour of this, which releases on January 31, 2014?