Trailer Review: Bobby Jasoos – This One Surely Looks Like A Winner


bobby jasoos  Main coverIt’s Fun, It’s Engaging and It’s A Story Of A Female Detective. Well I am talking about Bobby Jasoos that stars Vidya Balan in the tittle role.

One look at the trailer of Bobby Jasoos and you cannot stop but fall in love with Vidya Balan. Vidya Balan or Bobby as she is known is a homely Hyderabadi girl who wants to become a well-known detective.

At the start of the trailer, one sees Bobby begging people for detective jobs but does not find one and then finally opens her very own Bobby Jasoos Pvt. Ltd., thus surprising everyone in the process.

Slowly the cases start coming in but it is mostly young guys asking for young girls number or old women asking if their son is a smoker or not. The film seems to promise a lot of fun and good humor.

Post this Bobby Jasoos gets offered a large sum of money to look for a missing person and that’s when the film takes a serious turn. Bobby is happy at first but as the case progresses she begins to question herself whether she is doing the right thing.

Vidya Balan will be seen in twelve different looks in Bobby Jasoos. The make-up artist for the movie had put together different character looks for her and tried six to eight looks every day. Vidya being the committed starlet that she is sat through the make-up sessions patiently to see which look was the most realistic and related to the narrative of the story.

“The entire process of zeroing down on the final disguises that Vidya dons in Bobby Jasoos was one of fun filled discovery and experiments. Our costume designer Theia and our special make-up artist Vidyadhar, worked tirelessly to conjure looks that would be entertaining to watch, whilst remaining in sync with the demands of the script,” informed Dia Mirza.

Bobby Jasoos stars Vidya BalanAli FazalArjan BajwaRajendra Gupta and Supriya Pathak and is being produced by Diya Mirza and Sahil Sangha under their banner Born Free Entertainment.

Directed by Samar ShaikhBobby Jasoos is set for a July 04, 2014 release.