Trailer Review: Holiday – This One Captivates You


HOLI_1 HOLI_2 Akki_23 Akki_8 HOLI_15 Akki_10 HOLI_7 Akki_11 HOLI_3 Akki_14 Akki_20 HOLI_5 HOLI_4 HOLIDAY_26 HOLIDAY_19 HOLI_6 HOLI_9 HOLIDAY_13 HOLIDAY_24 HOLIDAY_21 HOLIDAY_16 HOLIDAY_17 HOLIDAY_22 HOLIDAY_18 HOLIDAY_25[tps_footer]Intense, Engrossing, Entertaining, Fun And Action Packed, that’s what Holiday: A Soldier Never Off Duty is all about.

Holiday: A Soldier Never Off Duty stars Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar along with Govinda in a small supporting role, is written and directed by A. Murugadoss and produced by Vipul Shah.

The chemistry between both, Sonakshi and Akshay looks amazing, the action is well-shot, the storyline looks promising which all in all makes the trailer gripping.

As the trailer moves on with a dramatic twist that reveals that Akshay is a secret agent who fights for the safety of the country. The over the top cheesy banter between Sonakshi and Akshay suddenly takes you into the well guarded secret life of the real action hero.

Holiday: A Soldier Never Off Duty is a story about a captain in the Indian Army essayed by Akshay Kumar who is also secretly working as a DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) agent. He has to dismember sleeper cells active in the country along with his eleven member team and thwart their attempts at carrying out terrorist attacks in the country.

One can clearly make out that, Akshay is on a holiday as he takes some time off from his duty and that’s when the real drama unfolds. Even the tagline of this movie suggests that in no uncertain terms that a soldier is never off duty.

While Akshay looks slick and as fit as ever, Sonakshi looks fit and toned down in the movie. Her character is that of an athletic girl who is even seen knocking a woman out in a boxing match looks fun; something that one should look forward to.

Holiday: A Soldier Never Off Duty is a remake of a 2012 Tamil Blockbuster Movie Thuppakki starring Vijay and Kajal Agarwal in lead roles and is scheduled to be release on June 06, 2014.

Whether Holiday: A Soldier Never Off Duty be able to roar at the Box Office is for us to wait and watch.[/tps_footer]