Trailer Review: Revolver Rani – Kangana Ranaut Emerges Like A Queen


Kangana Vir Das-22[tps_footer]Fun, Rustic, Kinky and Bizarre!! Well that’s what Kangana Ranaut’s next Revolver Rani looks like. After seen Kangana Ranaut as a simpleton in Queen, one will get to see her turning quirky and bizarre for Revolver Rani.

Set against the backdrop of political drama in rustic Chambal and Gwalior, Kangana Ranaut essays the character of a politically active local goon. Vir Das plays a flirty character from Bihar and tries to woo her with teddies, of all things. Vir Das is a sexually charged toy boy of sorts and gets his punishment when he encounters the character played by Kangana Ranaut.

“I play Rohan, a toy boy with a lot of negative shades. The role was exhausting, both physically and mentally,” states Vir Das about his character in the film.

Kangana will be seen wearing dhoti pants with boots, funky glasses, metal accessories and a tanned look.

What’s unique is the way Kangan is made to look in Revolver Rani. Apparently Kangana along with her costume designer Gavin travelled extensively in the streets of Europe, went checking out kinky stores and finally got all that was required to set the look of the character.

While many would not have dared to do such a role or look, Kangana pulls it off with great ease and surprisingly makes it look fashionable.

“Kangana’s character of Alka, is crazy about clothes from Europe. She is also a go getter in the movie. We wanted to create a look that was a little futuristic and quirky and at the same time realistic. Kangana also had a strong idea of her character and her look. That really helped me a lot. After checking out those stores, we got excited and decided on inventing our own personal style.” states Gavin.

Produced by Wave Cinema, Revolver Rani and is directed by Sai Kabir. With Revolver Rani is seems that Kangana’s fans are in for a huge surprise.

Here’s wishing team Revolver Rani all the best. [/tps_footer]