Salman Khan: Set To Expand ‘Being Human’ To Restaurants, Hospitals


MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar and philanthropist, Salman Khan has his heart set out to help people in need. After recently opening the ‘Being Human’ store in suburban Mumbai, the actor says he wants to branch out into restaurants within the year, once again for charity.

Taking cue from celebrities like Suneil Shetty, Dino Morea, Arjun Rampal and Mithun Chakraborty who already have successful restaurants in the country, Salman Khan is planning to open up restaurants for his ‘Being Human’ charitable cause.

Salman at the launch of his flagship store selling ‘Being Human’ clothing line, confirmed, “We are doing all this for a noble cause. We will start restaurants in metros first…We will open it first in Mumbai and Pune and so on. The profits earned from them will go to the needy people living in metros.”

“We want people to come, eat, drink and that is how they will do charity. So when you are wearing something, eating or drinking something you are doing your bit of charity, it is all going to help people towards education and healthcare,” added the passionate actor.

Revealing more of his future plans, the superstar elaborated, “I can use my name and raise money, but I think ‘Being Human’ will be a lot bigger than Salman Khan. We have plans of opening hospitals. We would be doing that after the restaurants are out. We need to earn money to put in a hospital, we need some time.”

Taking his humanitarian work to the next level, Salman Khan has maintained the perfect balance in being a celebrity and ‘Being Human’.