Want To Know What Is Salman Khan’s New Exciting Workout? – Watch Video


Recently we caught Salman Khan at the launch ceremony of Suniel Shetty’s pet venture, a fitness channel. Suniel has almost bid adieu to the film industry and turned into a businessman. This is his first business venture that he decided to share and launch in the presence of media. Suniel has tied up with one of the biggest networking company for his venture and looks like he is too excited about his creation.

Who better than Salman Khan can promote health and fitness? Salman is himself always seen to be fit as a fiddle. In his last movies we have seen him flaunt his well sculpted body which is an inspiration for all. On the occasion of the launch Salman congratulated Suniel for the great idea and wished him luck for its success.

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It is genuinely quite a bright and new idea to launch a fitness channel and help people become aware about their health related issues. Not much about ht channel was disclosed and hence the contents and formats of the show are still a mystery even to us. The channel will be available not only on T.V but even on your phones at a little extra cost.

Suniel we are quite excited about your business venture and hope that it does well in a market of huge competition.

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