Watch: Kabir Khan And Journalist Get Into Verbal Spat At Phantom Trailer Launch!


Bollywood director Kabir Khan who is making headlines on his success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan has now geared up for the promotions of his upcoming film Phantom, based on 26/11 terrorist attack. After releasing Bajrangi Bhaijaan, director Kabir Khan has come up with a grim subject on terrorism for his upcoming film Phantom.

Recently during the trailer launch of the film, Kabir Khan who makes a point that his film is not an anti- Pakistan film had a heated argument with a journalist. When asked about Saif Ali Khan’s earlier film Agent Vinod which was banned in Pakistan, Kabir Khan got offended saying that why word terrorism is always referred to Pakistan.

The director shouted back at the journalist saying that people have a mindset of terrorist coming from Pakistan, which is not true at all according to him. He expressed his unhappiness saying, “This film is about a mindset, I am the director of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and I am the director of Phantom, both the films come with a same ideology. People to people friendship can’t happen as long as these extremist elements exist in either country. And these elements have to be eliminated for both the countries to get along peacefully.”

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After this statement of Kabir Khan, a journalist who misunderstood lashed back Kabir Khan on the same discussion. The journalist yelled and shouted back at the Kabir Khan, which was going beyond the level due to misunderstanding.

Kabir Khan who was shocked with the entire verbal spat said, “First do not talk to me like that. I do not appreciate it. Come over here, let me see your face and have a normal conversation. Do not get into all these talks. If you’re getting into screaming, shouting and frothing, then I’m not going to get into this discussion.”

But the journalist continued with his question asking Kabir Khan that what does he means “the terrorist elements in India” where areas Kabir Khan cleared that he said ‘extremist’ and not ‘terrorist’.

The journalist went ahead with another question asking on Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s Wikipedia page that mentions that Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) as ‘Azaad Kashmir’.

Watch the video below to get through the entire discussion of heated argument and much more.

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