Watch: Salman Khan’s Funniest Moments With The Media


salmanBollywood superstar Salman Khan is definitely one of the funniest celebrities who knows how to set a laughter riot. During promotions, interviews and many such instances, the actor brightens up the crowd with his amazing spontaneous witty answers. We take you back to some of such funniest instances where Salman Khan made us laugh out loud with his responses!

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During the promotion of his film Kick Salman Khan very wittily explained the meaning of ‘kick’ in his life. His response and explanation will leave you wanting for more. Using ‘kick’ as a metaphor and linking it with his past girlfriends the actor very swiftly managed to dodge the question. Well after watching the video, we wonder who’s this ‘kicking lady’ he is talking about!

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Now obviously it wasn’t the first time Salman got a question about his personal life. The actor is bombarded with questions about his marriage every now and then so now he has himself learned to give pretty cool answers. After which Salman even does some future seeing and guesses media’s future questions if he ever does get married. Guess the actor has completely figured the media out!

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That’s not all! Salman Khan giving witty answers to bizarre questions, talking about actresses who throw tantrums, defending his onscreen ladylove, revealing the secret behind the origin of the nickname ‘Sallu’, and mimicking his fellow actors Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan – All of this in a single video! Don’t miss it guys. Do share your reviews and comments with us!

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