Cinemax promotes Chak De! India

MUMBAI: Multiplex chain Cinemax honoured Hockey coach Negi, on whose life the Yash Raj Films’ Chak De! India is based. The girl gang in the film were also present at the opening of their movie.

The cast interacted with the audience, whereas coach Negi assured patrons that he could completely identify with the role portrayed by Coach Kabir Khan (played by Shah Rukh Khan).

Cinemax vice president marketing and programming Devang Sampat said, “Chak De! India is definitely one of the biggest films of the year and Cinemax is glad to promote the movie. Being in tune with our patron’s desires, we knew that they craved to meet a few personalities who were involved in the sport . So we thought of initiating this star visit with Coach Negi, the “Guru” of hockey and the lead players in the film. We are confident that this gesture will be well appreciated and cherished by our patrons.”