Pyramid to invest Rs 2 billion to modernize screens in South

Mumbai: Pyramid Saimira Group plans to renovate 250 theatres in the four states of South India, with an investment of Rs 2 billion (Rs 200 crore) over the next 18 months. The first theatre that will be renovated under this initiative is Jyothi Theatre, a single-screen theatre on the outskirts of Chennai.

PSTL chairman and managing director P. S. Saminathan said, "This event is one of the most important milestones for all of us at Pyramid Saimira. Till now, we have been focusing on expanding our network and increasing our points of presence. Today, we enjoy significant penetration geographically and our focus will henceforth be on enhancing the quality of experience that we offer our customers and branding. Towards this, we will be renovating theatres in 100 centers in Tamil Nadu, with an investment of close to Rs 750 million (Rs 75 crore). We will extend this renovation initiative to the other states also, with Kerala in November, Andhra Pradesh in December and Karnataka in January. Our objective is to have close to 250 model theatres in the next 18 months across these states. We are looking to invest close to Rs 2 billion (Rs 200 crore) in this infrastructure improvement program, which will offer all cine-viewers in South India, the best movie-viewing experience."

All the theatres will have computerized ticketing facilities and seat selection kiosks. Along with the latest digital projection and DTS sound technology, the theatres will be equipped with an in-built mobile zone enabled with blue-tooth, video booth for live TV, radio and overhead projection facilities. The theatres will also have modernized security facilities, with fire retardants, safety lighting and metal detectors. Facility for news gathering mechanism with Broad band and video conferencing will also be available. The various loyalty schemes will be introduced at the theatres, enabling the customers to avail of many value-added services. The theatres will also have merchandising centers, gaming arcades, music zones and food courts.

Jyothi Theatre, once renovated, will have a seating capacity of 550 seats. The theatre will have an auditorium which can be used as a seminar hall, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. These will include built-in sound systems, permanent lighting facilities, pointers, presentation facilities, video conferencing facilities as well as facilities to project non-film content, including HDTV/ DTH, etc. The theatre will also allow for marriage counseling for prospective brides and grooms.

Pyramid Saimira Production International CEO K. S. Srinivasan said, "We at Pyramid Saimira are looking to create a network, through which we will be able to take high-quality cinema to all movie-viewing audiences across South India. We are confident that such good quality films will do extremely well in tier II and III cities also. We will also focus on upgrading the technology that we offer in all our theatres, thereby providing our audiences with a memorable experience"

PSTL Exhibition CEO Shivakumar said, "Our focus in the next 18 months is to create 250 of the best screens in South India and consolidate our position. We are sure that the facilities we introduce in our theatres will be received very well by our customers. Indeed, the revolution that has been started by Pyramid Saimira in the media & entertainment industry is all set to reach the next level."