Yash Raj Films organizes special screening of Roadside Romeo

Roadside Romeo

Roadside Romeo
Roadside Romeo
Mumbai: On the evening of 18 October Yash Raj Films organized a special screening of Roadside Romeo for the exhibition companies. Programming heads and their teams from various exhibition companies were invited to see the entire movie.

Yash Raj Films does not follow the trend of hosting trial shows for any of its movies. But for the first time ever they made an exception with Roadside Romeo and invited the programming heads.

A source said, "This is for the first time Yash Raj Films has made an animation film. The exhibition companies have by far been very resistant towards animation movies due to their poor quality and stories. Hence Yash Raj did not wish to bear the brunt for Roadside Romeo and invited programming heads, so that they could see the movie and decide how many shows the movie deserves."

It is learnt that the buzz on the movie is pretty positive.

On Thursday, 23 October evening Yash Raj Films is even hosting Roadside Romeo press show, and not one but two this time, because the film reviewers and journalists are invited with their children.