Why Deepika Padukone Not Accepting Her Relationship With Ranveer Singh?

RanveerDeepika13NovFeatureIt might all be very hunky dory from outside to watch the superstars shine so bright but what we conveniently ignore is they also live a competitive life. Every factor in their life make news. Deepika Padukone recently spoke about one such facet in her life that had been scrutinised too often. She still stays non-committal about her relationship with Ranveer Singh.

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Deepika Padukone was the guest at a chat show when she spoke about Ranveer. She doesn’t think they have reached the position when they should be disclosing their status. She wants to keep it to herself before that happens.

Well, Deepika, it seems you are taking every step carefully. But can you love carefully? No you cannot! Love is not a calculated move. No calculation works here. You are either in or out. Isnt’t it unfair on your partner? But then you know better.

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