D-Box establishes D-Cinema server compatibility with GDC Technology

MUMBAI: D-BOX Technologies Inc has established compatibility with the Digital Cinema servers manufactured by GDC Technology (GDC).

This provides D-BOX an opportunity to further expand its business together with GDC, whose software-based digital cinema solution has garnered nearly 400 installations in North America and 2,000 installations internationally. GDC joins a growing number of D-BOX-compatible digital equipment manufacturers who together represent a significant market share of the North American and international movie theatre markets.

Since its introduction, digital cinema technology has continued to grow on a global scale, offering moviegoers a crisper, clearer movie experience. With the addition of digital cinema capabilities, movie theatres are able to feature digital 3-D movies, live satellite screenings, and alternative content, such as plays and musicals, as well as live concerts and sporting events.

“We are thrilled to be compatible with GDC’s digital cinema servers and are looking forward to theatre installations combining with our technologies. D-BOX Motion Code is currently available in seven movies theatres in North America and has an aggressive rollout plan for new locations and a continuous flow of motion-enhanced movies, all for the benefit of moviegoers. Through compatibility with industry leaders, such as GDC, D-BOX is in a great position to ride the current digital wave within the theatrical industry,” said D-BOX Technologies president and CEO Claude Mc Master.

“D-BOX’s ground-breaking patented technology has opened up a whole new world to moviegoers in their viewing experience. GDC is quick to recognize the significance of this new technology and we are glad that D-BOX has acted swiftly to establish compatibility with our servers, thus ensuring that our customers will be amongst the earliest to enjoy this latest technology,” said GDC Technology founder and CEO Dr. Man-Nang Chong.