MGM to release Elephant Tales on DVD in December

Mumbai: MGM Home Entertainment will be releasing the DVD of Elephant Tales on 9 December. Elephant Tales is about orphaned elephants Zef and Tutu who embark on a journey more amazing than they ever imagined.

After their mom and herd are taken from them, the brothers set off across African plains to search for their family. As the protective older brother, Zef leads Tutu to believe that a rainbow took their mom to the sky; now Tutu is determined to find the rainbow and their mother. Along the way, the brothers befriend other orphans – Chump, a chimp insisting he is the king of the jungle, Stretch, a very skittish giraffe and Cub, a prince to the true jungle king. Collectively, the five band together facing grown-up challenges, meeting new friends and discovering as a team, anything is possible.

Demonstrating that courage can come in all shapes and sizes, Elephant Tales teaches children lifelong lessons about friendship, discovery and believing in the impossible.