Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate Ignores Northeast Too


LAUNCH OF YOUNG INSPIRATORS NETWOKS BY AAMIR KHANIn the first episode of Satyamev Jayate’s third season, Aamir Khan tried to ingest in us the need to prioritise sports in our lives among other things.

That’s because sports can discipline in more ways than one. Point taken but as far as we know, this is a show which has been thoroughly researched and presented.

Every athlete who made it to Aamir’s show last Sunday had heartwarming stories to narrate.

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But was it a conscious decision to ignore NorthEast that has produced tremendous amount of sportsmen despite being a underprivilleged region for years or your research team forgot to delve deeper?

It is impressively convenient to pick up certain incidents from in and around you and make a show. Had delved deeper, you would have found Aamir that North East has provided India with some of the medal winners of all time.

Even a film on Mary Kom couldn’t open your eyes towards this region, which is really sad.

For your general knowledge Aamir, the Indian team to London Olympics had 10 athletes from NE, out of which 6 were from Manipur, a state which have proudly produced many Olympians, Arjun Awardees and others over the year.

It would have made for much more interesting watch and would have fetched your show more TRPs because NE is a deprived region of this country about whom hardly anyone knows or cares to know. Satyamev Jayate could have opened floodgates for NE.

But then you didn’t know either, right?

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