SHOCKING: Tanishaa, Armaan Caught Naked In ‘Bigg Boss 7’


This is the worst thing that could have happened in Bigg Boss 7. Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli were ‘CAUGHT NAKED’ in the house. This is one reason why Kushal Tandon‘s entry has now been pushed by few hours.

There is sheer chaos in Lonavla, amongst the Bigg Boss 7 crew members and creative team, while we file this report. According to one of the crew members, Tanishaa and Armaan were caught naked, in a very “awkward” position, right inside the house. Their entire act has been recorded on tape.

Keeping in mind, the time slot and censorship issues, the same will never be aired. But the fact of the matter remains: that their “intimate moments” have been captured on tape. What comes as surprise is that, both, Tanishaa and Armaan are adults. They are well aware of the eighty four cameras around them. Then why did they do what they did?

Their closeness and intimacy is something that cannot be hidden, even in portions which are aired on TV. They should understand that there is life beyond the reality show, and they could well do all the things post the show. What’s the hurry?

Also, if insiders are to be believed then, Tanishaa has been requesting the production crew to let her talk to her mother Tanuja. The production crew was shocked and surprised, when Tanuja bluntly refused to comply to any of their requests.

Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan are trying their level best to put pressure on Colors, so they can evict Tanishaa. But the channel is trying to hold her back as long as possible, for reasons best known to them.

We had reported about Tanishaa’s eviction on October 26, 2013 here, and also the entire account of what actually happened at the last moment is here. Asif Azim was evicted last minute then.

As we file this report, the production crew in Lonavla has gone in a tizzy. Kushal was supposed to make entry inside the house tonight (Wednesday, November 20, 2013), mostly at mid night. Now, after catching Tanishaa and Armaan in this awkward position, this has been delayed by few hours. Now, Kushal will enter the house tomorrow, Thursday, November 21, 2013 very early morning. The telecast is deferred by a day.

Do come back here tomorrow, for more updates and details about Kushal’s entry. Meanwhile, do let us know, what you think about Armaan and Tanishaa’s this act on Bigg Boss 7.

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