BOSS – New Song ‘Hum Na Tode’ – Trash From A Tamil Classic!

The new song from Akshay Kumar’s ‘Boss’, a recreated version of ‘Appdi Podu’ from Ghilli is more heroism for Akshay Kumar than anything. Going by the remakes of Tamil songs, this one’s utterly disastrous and ruins the charm of a classic Tamil song.

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MUMBAI: Bollywood over the years has used several hit chartbusters from Tamil/Telugu films and has re-packaged them into desi Bollywood versions. Salman Khan, in recent times set the trend with ‘Dhinka Chika’ in ‘Ready, a rip-off of ‘Ringa Ringa’ from ‘Arya 2’ and since then several have followed suit. 

Akshay Kumar in his latest venture ‘Boss’ brings ‘Hum Na Tode’ a rip-off of Tamil hit chartbuster ‘Appdi Podu’ from Ghilli starring Vijay and Trisha Krishnan, who was also seen with Akshay Kumar in ‘Khatta Meetha’.

Being unbiased and getting a glimpse of both the Hindi and the original Tamil song, one needs to admit that the Tamil version is far better in terms of music, execution and elegance in the dance.

‘Hum Na Tode’ is more of heroism for Akshay Kumar and his bossy antics with lyrics talking about bashing and beating goons. Sung by Vishal Dadlani (in his hoarse coarse rap voice) and music by P.A Deepak, the song robs itself of all the charm the Tamil version (music by Vidyasagar) and melodiously sung by KK and Anuradha Sriram portrayed in the visuals.

Even Akshay Kumar, with his bossy antics  and Prabhu Deva in a cameo cannot save this trash from the Tamil classic. Avoidable.

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