Deepika Padukone Loses To Katrina Kaif, Again!

Katria-DeepikaKatrina Kaif is definitely very beautiful. Her histrionics have been questioned by many, but everyone unanimously accepted that she has really pretty facial features.

Her beauty has won her many fans and now this beauty will be preserved forever. Madam Tussauds has offered to make a wax statue of Katrina Kaif for the museum after a poll made her the most sought after.

The museum conducted the poll which between Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Katrina Kaif and the latter emerged victorious.

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It seems her fans voted enormously for her leaving Priyanka and Deepika far behind. That makes us wonder why Deepika’s fans fell short of letting her have the privilege.

Guess even after four back to back blockbusters, Deepika isn’t as popular with the audience as Katrina Kaif.

As for Priyanka Chopra, honestly, it is a little surprising since she enjoys an envious following on Twitter.

So stopped her fans from making her the winner? Guess she should start another Reditt AMA to find out the cause and this time, she should stick around for longer.

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