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My divorce proceedings is a two year story and the complete proceedings will be over in a few weeks and we have already signed the mutual consent document long back. I take it as a part of my life that I don’t want to dwell on the past. I would rather look at the future in terms of work on shows Shararat, Pyaar Ke Do Naam and Purab Paschim.

The snippet sent out to the media is a funny snippet meant in the context of the Perfect Husband where the wife finds tries to find her the perfect husband in a robot. In mt face, it was merely a sense fo humour and not a serious note as perceived.

The snippet is attached for your perusal.

Quality matters
Sooraj Thapar may be The Perfect Husband to Punam Dhillun in the play, but in real life, the actor is looking for the Perfect Wife.

Grins he, “the qualities I look for are very few. “I expect that my better have should be a friend, a companion, a lover, a master, a chef, a decorator, a stylist, a good mother, a psychologist, a pest exterminator, a psychiatrist, a healer, a good listener, an organizer, sympathetic, athletic, warm, attentive, intelligent, funny, creative, tender, strong, understanding, tolerant, prudent, ambitious determined, true, dependable, passionate and compassionate!”

Any takers?

Warm regards
Sooraj Thapar

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