BSAT Labs 3D to use VFX facility in India


MUMBAI: A strategic move by 2D/3D conversion company BSAT Labs LLC to hire a major VFX facility in Chennai India will allow BSAT Labs access to more than 400 seats to do majority of the labor intensive work that is involved in the 3D conversion process.

“The number of 3D box office hits this year and many more 3D releases coming to theaters next year is proof that 3D is here to stay. Several forums such as SMPTE, CEA and BDA are doing a great job and working very hard to bring 3D to the home and pushing for Blu-Ray standardization, once standardized we will see a great volume of conversion work for legacy titles and commercials, but Studios are going to expect quality and quick turnaround times at low cost – BSAT labs is ready today!” said BSAT Labs LLC president Yusuf Broachwala.

BSAT Labs LLC uses a non proprietary method that is easy to use, non cumbersome and produces excellent quality. “Our non proprietary method allows us to easily expand our staff as required by the project, learning curves are short and compositors can become productive in a matter of days,” Broachwala said.

BSAT Labs launched its 2D/3D conversion in May of this year and has since tested for several studios. BSAT labs LLC goals are realistic, it expects several companies to offer 3D conversion but the ones that mitigate quality, costs and reliability are here to stay. Our sister company BSAT Inc has been in business since 2001 serving the cable and broadcast industry “working for the cable industry, we know what it takes to be reliable, quick turnaround times and keeping costs low,” said Broachwala.

Optillusion, BSAT Labs 3D conversion process and techniques involves direct interaction with filmmakers. “We believe in 100% client satisfaction, our work flow includes filmmaker creative suggestions and decisions” Broachwala said “Our decision to select this VFX Company was twofold, keep costs low and quick turnaround – productivity is literally 24X7!”

“All our 3D conversion compositing work is done right here in the USA. We are a US company just taking the necessary steps to keep our clients profitable,” ” Broachwala emphasized.