Channel [V] to make live Bollywood flick

    MUMBAI: Channel [V] will create India’s first ever Live Bollywood flick titled Andaz Apna Very Hatke, which will be shot and telecast live on 2 March on the channel. The film will star Neha Dhupia and a renowned international celebrity, whose name is being kept under wraps.
    The channel has allocated a budget of Rs 2 million (Rs 20 lakhs) for the movie. The duration of the movie will be 7-12 minutes and it will be shot at MMRDA Grounds, Bandra on 2 March amidst selected audiences and will be telecasted live on Channel [V], on the same day at 9 pm. Currently, subsequent to the live telecast Channel [V] is looking at recurring telecasts of the short movie on the channel to build its repeat value.
    Talking about the initiative, Channel [V] head honcho Amar K Deb said, “Channel [V] has always been a trendsetter in creating compelling content in an otherwise cluttered and monotonous environment. With Bollywood Bang Bang, audiences will experience the magic of Hindi cinema in a way that they never have before.”
    Andaz Apna Very Hatke is scripted, directed and produced by Channel [V]. It will also cast artists chosen through a nation wide talent hunt who would get an opportunity to be a part of this initiative.