Harry Baweja’s sci-fi film Love Story 2050 budgeted at $10 million

Mumbai: Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish has paved the way for big-budgeted films in the same genre. Undeterred by the flop of his previous Sunny Deol starrer Teesri Aankh, producer-director Harry Baweja next film is a sci-fi film, Love Story 2050 budgeted at $10 million. This futuristic film supposed to be the launch pad for son Harman will have a robot playing the main protagonist. They will also have a computerised toy accompanying Priyanka Chopra, all through the film.

“The robot and the toy won’t be just props. But they are instrumental in the development of the story,” says Harry Baweja. He further discloses that the film will have SFX inputs from five international studios from all over the globe.

Baweja will construct the entire futuristic city of Mumbai as it would look in 2050. “Meticulous plans have been infused by drawing the props, locations, etc. by first designing on a story board. But the characters won’t just talk about the year 2050.

Harman is pretty excited about his debut film. He brushes away from the controversies of Kareena Kapoor walking out of this big film? But he is quick to add, “Priyanka Chopra is the perfect choice to play his love interest in the film.” The film will mount the sets from August 1.

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