HBO lines up blockbusters for Diwali

MUMBAI: HBO has lined up an array of blockbusters for the festive season in October.


On Saturday Nights, HBO will premiere a movie at 9 pm. Without a Paddle will be aired on 7 October, whereas Stealth will be premiered on 14 October.


The Interpreter starring Academy Award winners Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn will be aired on 21 October and Kim Basinger’s gripping drama Cellular on 28 October.


On HBO’s Weekend Blockbusters, the channel will air movies of actors like Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. Movies in the pipeline are Hitch, Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King, Spiderman 2, Troy, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, The Last Samurai, Collateral, Hellboy and Resident Evil. These films will be aired every Saturday night after the 9 pm movie and every Sunday night after the 8 pm movie.


Lined up on HBO in October from Monday to Friday will be family movies. The Fun Fare block at 11:30 am will movies like Mona Lisa Smile starring Julia Roberts, 50 First Dates, 13 going on 30, Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story, Peter Pan amongst others.


Diwali Laughs on HBO will have a special line-up of rib tickling comedies like Connie and Carla, The Guru, The Nutty Professor and Almost Heroes, which will be aired every Thursday night after the 9 pm movie. 


Drawing inspiration from the spirit of Diwali, HBO will presents Diwali Treat: The Good Always Wins every Monday night at 9 pm. Films lined up in this block are Boa Vs Python, Dinocroc, Gargoyles’s Revenge, Pterodactyl and Anaconda.


Tuesday nights will see Kung Fu invasion on HBO this Diwali. Films like The New Legend of Shaolin, The Bride with White Hair, Wonder Course, American Shaolin and The King of Kingboxers will be aired on Tuesdays after the 9 pm movie.


HBO’s multi-award winning Original series Deadwood returns with a new second season, which will premiere on 18 October after the 9 pm movie and thereafter every Wednesday after the 9 pm movie.


Viewers can also catch Gus Van Sant’s gripping drama Elephant in the HBO Original Movie of the Month on 3 October at 9 pm. The movie explores the contemporary reality of high schools in America, a reality that has been transformed in recent years by school shootings like the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

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