‘I am the first actor to launch my own clothes line’ – John Abraham


John Abraham is all over the place. The latest is that he is getting into designing. The Dhoom hero will also have a clothesline by his name, making him the first ever Indian actor to do so. Star celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Lata Mangeshkar have had perfumes by their name.

Asha Bhosle runs a chain of restaurants in her name. But the avid biker stands apart with his fetish for mobile games, the web world and all things beautiful and exciting. He may even turn publisher if all goes well.

John has come a long way from his agency days. When working as a media planner with Enterprise-Nexus (which is now part of the WWP group), he filled in for a model who dropped out of a last minute shoot. From there John went on to win the Gladrags Manhunt.

Life for the 34-year-old actor is only just beginning to soar. He is all set to take on his numerous flights of fancy.

Excerpts from an interview.

You turn designer by lending your name to the Wrangler clothes brand soon. It’s going to be your brand and you will be promoting it…
The brand John Abraham Clothing is for both boys and girls and I want to present it as a premium brand. I am sure everyone would like to wear my clothes. It’s for the first time that an Indian actor is starting his own brand of clothing. I am the first to do it and I think that I am very privileged to get a chance. It is not that I am endorsing this brand; I am creating my own brand. It is my product and I am confident that it will do well.

You have also devised a mobile game
I am launching a mobile game called Velocity this July. It is based on the cops and robbers formula and bikes. The game has multiple levels and can get very exciting. The bikes can do wheelies, you can skid the bikes, you can hit the villains off, robbers go and steal. It’s great fun. I think this is the first time such a game has been conceptualised.

You are also launching a website
I have already launched my website called www.johnabraham.com. I designed the site with the help of our designer Sujoy Mukherjee and Matrix. It is our good fortune that in just two months we have managed around 13 million hits. That’s a big figure and a big number.