‘I learnt many lessons from SRK when he promoted OSO’ – Shreyas Talpade

    Shreyas Talpade
    Shreyas Talpade

    Shreyas Talpade
    Shreyas Talpade
    Shreyas Talpade
    Shreyas Talpade
    Shreyas Talpade
    Shreyas Talpade
    Shreyas Talpade
    Shreyas Talpade

    Be it supporting actor roles in mainstream commercial films, main lead roles in art house movies, or production of Marathi movies, Shreyas Talpade is one of the few actors who has dabbled in so many things within a short span of time. And seen success.

    Be it in Om Shanti Om or Dor or his own production Sanai Chaughadi which is running in its 13th week currently, Talpade is raring to go and time is not far when he will also don a director’s hat.

    How has life been post Om Shanti Om?
    Om Shanti Om gave me two good friends – Shah Rukh and Farah. Post Om Shanti Om life has been wonderful. I have no complaints. Actually, not just Om Shanti Om, if you look at my career graph with films like Iqbal, Dor, Apna Sapna Money Money and Om Shanti Om, I have worked with the best of directors. Now, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Welcome To Sajjanpur and Golmaal Returns.
    From working with young people like Shah Rukh and Farah to working with a veteran like Shyam Benegal, how was the transition for you?
    You know, even I had similar thoughts in my mind initially. I had a perception that Shyam babu was very strict, but when I went for the shoot on the first day, Shyam ji was shooting with Ravi Kishan and Raajeshwari and he joked with them, I did not know whether he was joking or not. I wondered is he Shyam babu only? But then people on the sets laughed and so did I.
    He is extremely chilled out and probably the youngest on the sets. He gives a lot of freedom to improvise and there was always a positive atmosphere on the sets, we always had lunch on the sets and then we would have dinner together every night. Amrita and I often think that the shooting of Sajjanpur got over too soon. 
    Can you tell us about the movie Welcome To Sajjanpur and your role in it?
    Welcome to Sajjanpur is a sweet satire. The film is on the lives of a few people who live in Sajjanpur village. I play the role of Mahadev, who is a BA educated boy and wants to become a novel writer, but instead becomes a letter writer. At the crux of all this, there is a love story between me and Amrita, who is my childhood friend in the movie. The film also has a lot of statements on various issues but they have been put across in humorous ways. The movie reminds you a lot of Malgudi Days, where in a village there are a few good and bad people.
    What made you select the film?
    I signed the film primarily because of Shyam babu. I mean, who would not want to work with him? His passion and enthusiasm is unmatched and unparallel. Also, the subject is unique, fresh and original. I wouldn’t say the film is different, because different is a very abused word now. Also the way the character of Mahadev develops in the film is very interesting. And, then UTV stepped in and the going got better.  
    When and how did you plunge into production of movies?
    Production is all thanks to Mr Ghai, he pushed me into it. I want to thank him for it, if it was not for him I wouldn’t have done it. Sanai Chaughadi, my first production in Marathi, is running in its 13th week now. Production is a very nice process and I don’t want to give it up.
    What are you future plans for your production company Affluence Movies?
    I want to make films that appeal instantly when you hear a sentence about it. I want to produce more Marathi films and a few Hindi films too. I am looking at a few Hindi scripts, but nothing has been finalized yet. I can take a few risks and experiment with Marathi films, but with Hindi films I know that I want to make light hearted Hindi films to begin with.
    Will you also act in the movies that you produce?
    I may also act in the Hindi films that I produce, but for the Marathi films, I will only produce them because my commitments with Hindi movies keep me very occupied. I am what I am because of Marathi TV and plays, so I will not stop working for them.
    Will all your productions be in association with Mukta?
    Some movies will be for Mukta and some may be with another company. I do not want to say anything before signing papers.
    After working with companies like UTV, have you learnt a lesson or two for your own production house and movies?
    As far as marketing of movies is concerned, UTV is undoubtedly the best. I like the way they are promoting Welcome To Sajjanpur. It is a great example. In fact even Subhash Ghai is a one man army and there is so much one can learn from him. For my first Marathi home production – Sanai Chaughde, I learnt a lot of lessons from Shah Rukh and the way he promoted Om Shanti Om. Even I put in a lot of effort for promoting Sanai Chaughde, but with whatever limited contacts and money I had.
    Any thoughts on directing a movie soon?
    The director’s bug has bit me, but my friends are asking me to keep away from direction right now. They say I should concentrate on acting, and then I have also started production. So I have a lot to focus on. I too have to prioritize. But I will direct a movie sometime soon.