IIPM ropes in Shah Rukh Khan to host quiz for 3 years


MUMBAI: IIPM has roped in actor Shah Rukh Khan to host their annual business and marketing quiz, for three years. The event will be held in association with Planman Media’s magazine, 4Ps Business and Marketing.

IIPM dean Arindam Chaudhuri said, "IIPM is all about bringing World-Class in terms of education as well as campus life experience for the students. The IIPM B-School festival, Amaze, is in any case the largest B-School festival in India with huge participation from International B-Schools as well. This B-School Quiz also promises to be a big international event."

Upon being asked on the idea of bringing Khan to host the event, he said, "Everything we do at IIPM is grand, distinct, pioneering and above all else global. Who else in India can make an event big just by his global popularity than SRK? And to top it all he is perceived as the intelligent face of  Bollywood because of his economics education background, his suave marketing skills and sharp intelligence. He obviously was the natural choice. IIPM is honoured and proud that he accepted our request!"

Khan added, "I am coming to IIPM and it will be nice to be there!"

The show will be held at the IIPM campus in Satbari, Delhi.