Inox PAT up 30 per cent to Rs 63 million


MUMBAI: INOX Leisure Ltd. (ILL) announced its results for the third quarter of the financial year 2007-2008. For the quarter ended 31 December 2007, ILL reported a PAT (Profit after Tax) of Rs 62.9 million (Rs 6.29 crores) as compared to Rs 48.3 million (Rs 4.83 crores) in the corresponding quarter of the previous year – an increase of 30 per cent.
Total income rose 42 per cent for the quarter; up from Rs 428.3 million (Rs 42.83 crores) to Rs 608.1 million (Rs 60.81 crores). Inox registered an EBITDA of Rs 137.4 million (Rs 13.74 crores) compared to Rs 101.3 million (Rs 10.13 crores) in the same quarter of the previous year, a growth of 36 per cent. Sales were up by 41.50 per cent to Rs 598 million (Rs 59.80 crores) in Q3 07-08 versus Rs 422.6 million (Rs 42.26 crores) in Q3 06-07.
Inox has achieved significant operational milestones this quarter with its total number of multiplexes up to 22 from 12, footfalls up 28 per cent to 3477901 from 2503234; its seats under operation are up 73.42 per cent to 23199 from 13377 as compared to the corresponding quarter in 2006-2007.
The company’s high growth trajectory is reflected in the fact that its revenues of Rs 1.74 billion (Rs 174.97 crores) for the nine-month period ending December have already exceeded fiscal 2007’s annual revenue of Rs 1.62 billion (Rs 162.48 crores). Inox has registered strong growth over the nine-month period with sales up 40 per cent from Rs 1.16 billion (Rs 116.94 crores) to Rs 1.64 billion (Rs 164.04 crores).