Utthan fails to uplift





Director: Ujwal Chatterjee


Producer: Kumar Sanu


Cast: Neha Dhupia and Priyanshu Chatterjee


A leading journalist has set himself political ambitions and can go to any extent to make that come true. The scribe Prashant Bharati (Priyanshu Chatterjee) then starts using Kiran Talreja (Neha Dhupia) to reach his goal. Kiran is a model and she leaves her career for her love… only to realise that she has to succumb to an indecent proposal of sleeping with a rich businessman and have an abortion as well.


And just before the climax she realises that she has been taken for a ride. The film has very few good moments, surprising that national award winner Ujwal Chatterjee has directed the movie.


The dialogues are too archaic and the movie seems to have lost its gloss with most actors uninterested in the film’s promotion. Neha who did a similar role in Julie – except refusing to succumb to the indecent proposal and leaving her boyfriend instead – also looks uninterested in acting in the film. Priyanshu started well in his career and had an Abhishek Bachchan kind of personality and voice as well, but has lost his credibility doing far too many B graders.


The producer Kumar Sanu should have invested his money well. Sanu is a brilliant singer and we guess he should have stuck to it.


No marks for anyone else.

S. Ramachandran

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