Universal Studios’ movies now on broadband

MUMBAI: Instant Media (I’M) will offer movie titles from Universal Studios Home Entertainment, utilizing I’M’s recently released commerce capabilities to allow viewers to download their favorite movies over the internet.


The agreement with Universal Studios Home Entertainment is one of many that will enable I’M to make available a wide variety of blockbuster movies and popular television shows to consumers who download the free I’M player at www.im.com.


The launch of the Universal titles on I’M includes recent popular DVD releases such as United 93, Inside Man and The Break-Up, as well as blockbuster hits such as American Pie, Erin Brockovich, Field of Dreams and The Mummy.


I’M provides users both free and premium paid entertainment options. With the click of a button, viewers can download their chosen content into the I’M media player, which caches the content in order to provide glitch-free playback on-demand. Using its caching technology, I’M provides full-screen video resolution, unlike streaming services that offer low-quality video in a small screen resolution.


“I’M delivers a broad mix of free and premium content, while simultaneously focusing on the crucial need for providing an unparalleled playback experience. Our rapidly growing user base is asking for top-tier content, and our partnership with Universal will meet its demands for high value entertainment,” said Instant Media CEO Andy Leak.


I’M offers viewers access to more than 550 channels including popular programs covering the latest in news, sports, entertainment and technology. The service allows users to subscribe to their favorite programs and choose automatic caching of new episodes or to download the shows individually while continuing to work on their PC – making the content available at the viewer’s leisure.

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