‘I’ve turned 45 but mentally I am still 18-20 years old’ – Aamir Khan


    MUMBAI: Superstar Aamir Khan turned 45 today and he celebrated his birthday at home with the media. The actor, who is still basking in the glory of his last flick – 3 Idiots – which made box office history worldwide, cut his birthday cake with media persons at his Bandra residence.

    Since he lost his father – Tahir Hussain – just 40 days back, Khan plans to spend a quiet day at home with his family.

    "I am looking forward to spending time with my family. My kids will be coming to spend the day with me. I have no plans for a special celebration, I am just going to be with the family," said Khan.

    Khan also met his fans who had come to wish him on his birthday. On being questioned as to how he feels now that he has turned 45, Khan said, "I have turned 45 today but mentally I am 18-20 years old."

    His wife Kiran gifted him with a painting that she had done herself. “Kiran has gifted me a beautiful painting, where she has drawn the two of us and a lot of other things," said Khan. He also intends to learn a couple of things now that he has some spare time at hand.

    "I have to learn a couple of things. First I want to learn cooking from my mother who is an excellent cook and then I want to learn two languages: Marathi, which I can read and write but can’t speak and the other is Urdu, which I can speak but can’t read and write. I also want to learn swimming. On my last birthday Kiran gifted me swimming lessons but I have not yet used it and I plan to do it this year," said Khan.