The Hurt Locker supervising art director part Abbas Tyrewala’s crew


    MUMBAI: The Best Picture Oscar winner The Hurt Locker’s Supervising Art Director, is the Production Designer for Abbas Tyrewala’s next venture, starring John Abraham.


    The really interesting story however, is that David’s only managed to convince Tyrewala to join his project as a Production Designer after showing him the footage from The Hurt Locker and how he’d recreated the streets of Iraq in the award winning film.


    David’s first release after The Hurt Locker is to be Abbas’s new film, now under post-production. 


    David said, “We wanted to portray the real London that is rarely seen, it’s an amazing city with very diverse locations. In particular we were looking for a real iconic Studio Apartment for our lead actor John Abraham. Later in Autumn, the climax to the film grew into an epic 4 nights filming on Tower Bridge with John doing his own stunts, a real star!.”


    He went on to further add, “Working with a Bollywood crew was a great experience, much more than on a similar British film.”