Jaman.com upgrades movie search features


MUMBAI: Jaman.com, Inc., the Internet service that delivers feature-length international and independent films in hi-def, announced new and improved search features based on community feedback that make it easier to find movies suited to an individual’s tastes.

“The number one question we receive from our users is ‘how do I find a movie I want to watch?’ With our upgrades and new features, we’re making it even easier to answer that question by utilizing our best asset — our community,” said Jaman CEO Gaurav Dhillon.

The new Movie Finder (http://www.jaman.com/moviefinder) feature allows Jaman members to create a personal profile that customizes film recommendations based on individual tastes. By adjusting four different preferences, from serious to funny, mellow to charged, deep to shallow and tears to bullets, the Movie Finder provides the most relevant film suggestions based on the member’s selection as well as help connect members who share similar tastes.

In addition to the Movie Finder, new and improved searching and browsing features make it simpler to discover movies in Jaman’s library of thousands of titles. Visitors can quickly find movies by genres like comedy, drama and action, as well as movies by specific regions like North America, Asia, and Europe. And, with the new discovery by tag function (http://www.jaman.com/tagsoup), Jaman visitors can find groups of movies by keywords including terms like independent, Bollywood, suspense, biography and more.

To encourage the Jaman community of members to provide feedback and network with other members, Jaman has also introduced Jamanaut Reputation to highlight the more active members on the site.