Karnataka ban on Kites lifted; movie starts screening


    MUMBAI: The Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori starrer Kites, which lost out on its opening day screenings across the Mysore territory, will now commence screenings as the issue between Reliance Big Pictures and the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) has been resolved.

    Reliance Big Pictures has now sent an apology to the KFCC and will release Kites in the state as per the norm. A source informs that the movie will release in 23 theatres across the state, which is two theatres more than the permissible number as was mututally decided between the two parties.

    As per KFCC rules, only 21 prints of a non-Kannada film can be released in the state. However, Reliance had released the movie in more than 40 screens on Friday after which Kannada film producers and film distributors, who are members of the KFCC, protested against the same. The screening of Kites was stopped in all the theaters on Friday morning by the KFCC.

    The film was withdrawn from theatres across Karnataka, after it was found that Reliance Big Pictures had allegedly flouted the norms by releasing more than the permitted number of prints of Kites in the state as opposed to the number set by the KFCC.