Ketan Mehta launches Open Door Films for independent movies

MUMBAI: Ketan Mehta along with Anup Jalota, Deepa Sahi and Subur Khan, has launched a film distribution company Open Door Films Limited.
Open Door Films is a distribution platform for independent budget films. The objective of the company is to provide a viable, transparent, alternative, global marketing and distribution platform for quality Indian independent films.
Open Door Films will provide end to end marketing and distribution solutions for Indian independent film makers. With investment from Mehta’s Maya Digital Media, Anup Jalota and Subur Khan, Open Door Films bridges the gap between makers of concept driven controlled budget films and the film distribution network.
Open Door Films plans to release at least 25 to 30 films over the next three years.
Mehta said, "Good content deserves good distribution. Bad distribution kills the film, before it can reach its audience. With Open Door Films, we seek to achieve to turn this trend into a tide."
Khan added, "We implement a strategic marketing, sales and distribution plan and exploit the revenue opportunities to help the Indie films reach their target audiences."