Late Sunil Dutt inspired Aamir Khan to do unusal, challenging films


MUMBAI: One needs to thank the late Sunil Dutt for what Aamir Khan is today and the kind of films he takes up.

Khan recently revealed how Dutt inspired him to take his job as a challenge and with determination while they were shooting for Yash Chopra directed Parampara way back in 1993.

"I was working with him in Yash Chopra’s Parampara and during a particular scene, which required Duttsaab to ride a horse, he asked the action director Tinnu Verma to bring him a wild horse instead of a tame one. Ironically the wild horse’s name was Masoom (meaning innocent). It was amazing how Duttsaab was able to tame the horse in just 10 minutes. He went galloping through the terrains of Ooty and disappeared for 10 minutes. We all were so worried and before we could do anything, we saw him coming back with the horse totally under control. He then told Yashji that he was ready for the shot. When I asked him why he wanted a difficult horse instead of a tame one, he said because he wanted it to reflect on screen that the horse was wild and that would add to the fire in his shot," Khan recalled.

This incident inspired Khan to such an extent that he chose to do different and challenging roles and unusual films instead of the regular fare.