Let’s Talk with Sushmita Sen on Zoom


MUMBAI: Sushmita Sen will be seen in a heart-to-heart talk with host Tarana Raja Kapoor about her character Durgadevi in Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag and her upcoming film Rani Laxmibai on the celebrity chat show Let’s Talk.

The show will be aired on 29 August on Zoom at 8 pm.

Sen will give an interesting peek into her professional and personal life. Speaking on beauty, she reveals that she has aged in terms of experience which has given her wisdom to find happiness and self contentment. The eternal beauty talks about her horror of working sans make up in her forthcoming Ram Gopal Verma’s project and speaks on how ‘deglamourizing’ has helped her become conscious about her skin.

On her Hollywood debut, she reveals that it’s up for release by the end of this year but she is more excited about her debut into a new area altogether- production!

“I am working on my own production Rani Laxmibai as a producer and as an actor. There is a lot of training involved in it and I am so glad to be making this film since its about a woman I admire so much. I can’t wait to bring her back to life. There are so many things about her that are still relevant in today’s time.”

Sen is also all set to pen down her autobiography, the working title for which is The Butterfly. Ask her why ‘Butterfly’ and she quips – “Because butterfly stands for metamorphosis and I feel that every chapter in my life, whether it was Miss Universe or my school or my acting career, it was a journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly.”