Lionsgate & Crest target 2010 for Alpha & Omega release

MUMBAI: Filmed entertainment studio Lionsgate will launch its multi-picture partnership with Crest Animation Productions with the CGI animated theatrical family film Alpha and Omega.

Lionsgate and Crest are co-financing and co-producing Alpha and Omega, which is scheduled for theatrical release in 2010. The film is being made on a budget of $ 25 million.

"We are very excited to be working with Crest, one of the world’s finest CG animation producers. Everyone at Crest is passionate about creating high-quality animated family entertainment, and that commitment is reflected in Alpha and Omega," said Lionsgate executive vice president of Lionsgate Family Entertainment Ken Katsumoto.

"This is a classic journey film in the vein of Finding Nemo and The Lion King, filled with all manner of richly imagined particulars. And why not begin a partnership with a movie about wolves, one of Nature’s most cohesive social units?," he added.

Crest Animation Production’s CEO Noah Fogelson said, "We are thrilled to be in business with Lionsgate, a company that is continually innovating in terms of both production and marketing. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration and feel we are off to a great start with Alpha and Omega. We have a wonderfully talented cast and an outstanding team of filmmakers led by Anthony Bell and Ben Gluck, who truly understand the art and craft of animated storytelling."

As has already been reported by, Alpha and Omega is a part of the three film deal between the two companies.

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