Mithun Chakraborty believes in staying fit


MUMBAI: Mithun Chakraborty is currently going through a reverse aging process. Looking fitter and more powerfully built than ever before, the actor remarked that he was on a new health and diet regime for his warrior like role in Veer.

Disclosing his routine, Chakraborty said, “I have never physically abused my body. I always hit the bed by 11 pm and I am up by 5 am. I have increased my weight training, but my cardio of 45 minutes is the same. I don’t eat breakfast, in fact since my struggling days, I have never eaten breakfast and in case I do, my stomach is upset. So my first meal is at lunch, when I eat my two rotis, dal and sabji. Sandwiches during the day as a snack is what I eat. However, I save the best for last. My dinner is two bowls of rice with my favourite, fish curry. I have cut down on chicken and mutton. My daily calorie intake is 1500 and I manage within that.”

Chakraborty has been in the industry for a good three decades and as a young guy, never worked out. But things have changed for people in the limelight and a good body is a must and keeping with the times is what Chakraborty has mastered. His television show on Zee TV is one of the most highly rated and the actor was paid a whopping price for it. The actor turned businessman said, “One must know one’s market price and what one can bring to the table, which has a novelty factor. Since this was the first time I was doing something on national TV, I decided to quote my price. And I am thrilled that my show on a Bengali channel has been so popular that the producers have signed me for the fifth season in a row.”

Get him talking about finances, and he said, “I will save that for my next interview. The tale of how I repaid a government loan of ten crores in twelve years, is a long story, but I will share it with you one day.” On that note, the actor strode across the airport lounge and headed out to take his flight to Jodhpur where his crew of Veer was awaiting him.