Mohit Suri shoots promotional video for Jashn


MUMBAI: Even as rumours abound us that Mahesh Bhat has taken up the directorial baton for Vishesh Films Jashn, shooting for the film continues. A couple of weeks ago, Mohit Suri shot a promotional video for the film at Film City.

With the mercury rising in Mumbai, Mohit decided to bring the temperatures down by shooting a rain song. Stars of the film Adhyayan Suman and Anjana Sukhani were drenched to the skin as they cavorted in the artificial rain for the music video. Sukhani described it as, “While the two of us were soaked to the skin, all around us technicians were sweating. But the water, which was carried to the sets, was very cold. With the hot and humid climate and the water cold, my body was in a state of complete exhaustion.”

The shooting was in the corporate section of Mumbai’s Ballard Pier. That’s why they shot it on a Sunday so that the area was not its usual bustling scene. But with the vanity vans parked some five minutes away from the shooting locale, . Sukhani summed it up as, “I used to be shivering by the time we made it to the van amidst all that muddy slush. And it was kind of strange to see everybody dry and just me and Adhyayan soaking wet.”

But that’s tinsel town…the land of make belief…