Moser Baer Photo Voltaic forays into Australian market


    MUMBAI: Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd (MBPV) has forayed into the

    Australian market. The company will now offer its Crystalline Silicon

    products to the consumers in the country.

    Recognising the TuV Intercert’s IECEE-CB certification, Clean Energy

    Council (CEC) has allowed the company to offer its Crystalline Silicon

    modules in Australia. This certification is mandatory for all those

    players who want to operate in the Australian market.


    “Australia is one of the new emerging markets for solar energy as its

    Government has declared that 20 per cent of its total electricity

    generation should be through renewable sources by 2020. This offers us

    with a huge potential market to be tapped,” said MBIL executive

    director Ratul Puri.


    He also added that the company’s products and services meet the

    international standards including UL, IEC, ETL, CE, TuV, MCS allowing

    it to operate in key emerging markets like Australia, Japan, United

    Kingdom and United States of America.


    MBPV CEO Rajiv Arya added, “Acceptance of our products by CEC is a

    testimony of the high quality of products offered by us. To apply for

    CEC listing, it was necessary for our products to get the IECEE-CB

    certificate, which was duly accorded by TuV Intercert. Our products

    are now listed on their website allowing us to operate in Australia.”