NFDC, PVR join hands for Cinemas Of India


MUMBAI: In keeping with the mandate of promoting the cinemas of India, the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) in collaboration with PVR Cinemas will release and showcase 14 theatrically unreleased feature films in seven languages from 1 February at PVR Cinemas in Mumbai (Juhu), New Delhi (Saket) and Bangalore.

These films will be from all over the country and made in various Indian languages, including Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kashmiri.

NFDC is also in the process of scrutinizing, evaluating and selecting various other films in many other additional languages for theatrical release in India through PVR Cinemas. All the current films will run in PVR theatres simultaneously. The release timings have been strategically spread giving a wide range of viewing options for the public at large.

The idea behind this initiative is to provide viewers access to quality Indian films made by talented film makers. These films, which generally stand a very low chance of a wide spread theatrical release are often missed by cinema lovers in India. NFDC over the years has provided a wide range of services and initiatives essential to the growth of Indian Cinema. Associating and releasing these films with PVR Cinemas is another major step taken by NFDC for promoting quality cinema in India.

Some of the films selected for the screening are Dance Of The Wind (Swara Mandal), Hindi: Director & Screenplay by Rajan Khosa; Bas Yaari Rakho (My Little Devil) Hindi: Directed by Gopi Desai; Kali Salwaar, Hindi: Direction & Script by Fareeda; Bub (Father), Kashmiri: Direction by Jyoti Sarup; Mammo, Hindi: Directed by Shyam Benegal; An Ode to Lost Love, English: Direction & Screenplay by Madhu Ambat; Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha (The Heart Speaks), Hindi: Direction & Screenplay by Dr. Purnima Prabhu.

All these films range across different genres and have won various national and international accolades and awards at festival circuits globally. The films have won awards ranging from Audience Award: London Film Festival, Gold Plaque: Chicago Festival, at the Venice Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, Montrade Film Festival, Goteborg Film Festival, Brisbane Film Festival, Birmingham Film Festival, Cairo Film Festival and many others.

IFB & D manager Ramakrishnan said, “Over the years NFDC has encouraged prominent cinema movement in the country. Our primary goal always has been to plan, promote and organize an integrated and efficient development of the Indian film industry and foster excellence in cinema. We are very happy to play this prominent part in releasing these films with PVR Cinema on a national basis. We would like to make this an annual affair by partnering with various exhibition chains in the near future & provide discerning cinema across various languages to the Indian audience.”

PVR general manager, marketing & sales Ranjan Singh added, “We indeed are highly delighted to partner with NFDC and release these films in our screens. In PVR we always believe in bringing smiles and make movie watching a wholesome experience. This initiative will give us an added opportunity to add smiles to our viewers by providing them with variety of cinema and value for money. We definitely would like to make this a regular fare & release more of such films in our screens in the near future.”

NFDC also plans to theatrically release more films across many additional languages after a selection process.