Nikhil Panchamiya signs Kaushik for film

MUMBAI: After Anthony Kaun Hai?, producer Nikhil Panchamiya has signed Kabir Kaushik – the director of Sehar – to direct his next starring Arshad Warsi and another actor. The film will be launched by December end.


The film will be made on a budget of Rs 100 million (Rs 10 crores) and will be shot in different foreign locales.


“I have signed Kabir Kaushik to direct my next film. This movie, which is still untitled, will star Arshad Warsi and another top hero, with whom talks are in the final stages,” says Panchamiya.


“The titled that we had finalized has already been booked by another producer and hence we are thinking of another suitable name. The film will not be a comedy but a serious drama film with light moments. Arshad will be seen in a completly different role and will take the audience by surprise,” he adds.

Johnny Vaz

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