PVR premieres Kaushik Roy’s Apna Asmaan


MUMBAI: Apna Asmaan directed by adman turned filmmaker Kaushik Roy and distributed by Sony Pictures, was premiered in PVR, Juhu recently.

The premiere evening was attended by the star cast Irrfan Khan, Rajat Kapoor, Dhruv Panjuani, Barkha, director- Kaushik Roy, producer Umang Pahwa and music director – Lesle Lewis.

Apna Asmaan, an urban drama is a story of love and redemption. The film, which is inspired by the director’s son Orko, recently won the German Star of India at the Stuttgart Film festival and has been invited for a screening in San Luis Cine Festival International, Argentina.

Roy said, “Apna Asmaan takes up a truly unique yet relevant subject, which both parents and their children are being impacted by. To make sure that this film with a serious subject has a wide acceptance and demographic penetration I have treated the film like a fast paced thriller with a new twist at every bend.”